Pennants from 1978 to 1983

A selection of pennants from H. Rasmussen spanning the seasons from 1978 to 1983.

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The thistle is the floral emblem of Scotland which ties in with Bannockburn Oval (Bannockburn being a pivotal place of battle during the Wars of Independence between Scotland and England in the 12th century).

Bannockburn Rovers

Bannockburn Oval was the venue for the first ever KDSA matches back in 1957. Within 5 years, foundation club West Pymble had more kids than they could cater for. Bannockburn Rovers was established in 1962 for players in the Pymble, Turramurra and Gordon areas and specifically for those near Bannockburn Oval. The club colours came about as a result of a recent RTA study to determine the most visible yet contrasting colours for their road safety signs. The uniquely recognisable Black and Gold stripes of the Rovers resulted.

The club has long had a strong link with Pymble Public School, which is where the majority of its young juniors have come from. As a local community club Bannockburn prided itself on providing an opportunity for children to play with their friends whilst challenging themselves and developing their ability. They have won divisions in every competitive junior age group including 5 Division 1 titles.

Recent years have seen an increasing number of Bannockburn’s juniors attend private schools and as a result team numbers in the older junior age groups have dwindled. There have been numerous Bannockburn juniors who have ended up playing for Clarke Road in their teenage years.

The club also has a rich All Age history, regularly running squads in multiple divisions. Its top squad has never been lower than second division and won the KDSA Premier League in 1988. It is one of the most successful All Age clubs in KDSA history with 17 senior premierships prior to the mid-2008 merger.

Clarke Road

Bannockburn Clarke Road Football Club logoIn the 1970’s and 80’s soccer was certainly not a word synonymous with private school sport in Sydney. Rugby was dominant and many schools did not offer soccer (now called football) as an option. Those students wishing to play football had to attend their Saturday morning school sport, and then attempt to reach a late morning football game, often a long drive from their rugby field. There had to be a better way.

In 1979, Arthur Flack, a Barker College parent, approached the Ku-ring-gai District Soccer Association about the possibility of forming a football club based on Barker students, and entering teams in the KDSA competition to play on Saturday afternoons. The KDSA was fully supportive of this initiative.

Arthur and other interested Barker parents formed the Clarke Road Soccer Club and, in April 1980, with 24 registered players, the Club played its first competition matches in the KDSA competition during Saturday afternoons.

By the start of the 2008 season, Clarke Road had progressed from a Club with a few teams competing in lower Divisions, to a point where it regularly provided teams that competed successfully in Division 1 of their age group.

The Club maintained its’ strong working relationship with Barker College and, whilst mindful of its’ origins, was no longer a Club that catered only for Barker students. There were players from 19 different schools participating in age groups from U9 to U18, including one U18 Girls team consisting of players from Abbotsleigh, Loreto, Barker, and Ku-Ring-Gai High. The Clarke Road club can boast that it gave hundreds of football players a chance to play the game at a high level. Many of these players may otherwise have turned away from the game, due to a lack of opportunity.

Bannockburn Rovers

In 2016 the Club was renamed to Bannockburn Rovers, with a minor update to the logo.

Bannockburn Rovers Logo