Have you been injured during training or during a match?

It is important that all players read and understand the level of insurance coverage that is provided by Football NSW before they start the season.

The main benefits claimable are non-Medicare medical benefits such as ambulance, physiotherapy, chiropractic, dental, private hospital accommodation, loss of income and student assistance. The Programme Summary should be referred to for full benefit details and limits.

This insurance provides cover for registered players and officials who suffer an injury during official training, games, sanctioned tournaments and events, sanctioned tours and representative matches and travel to or from an official training or game.

Claims for injuries sustained in 2017 will need to be completed on a new personal injury claim form available on the Football NSW Insurance website.

Out of pocket Medical expenses (doctor, hospital) are NOT covered under this policy or under any Sporting Insurance Policy. Non-Medical expenses (such as Physiotherapy) are included in the cover. Players assume some level of risk when taking to the field.

If you think you may need to make an insurance claim you must visit your doctor as they will need to sign the claims form. Please get your manager to complete an injury report via the Team Manager Admin System. You should also click on the links below to view the level of coverage offered by Football NSW. It is also recommended that you email details of your injury to [email protected] so we can assess the best way to help you.

Insurance Enquiries

  • JLT Sport insurance assistance – phone 1300 130 373
  • Football NSW insurance assistance – phone 02 8814 4402

Football NSW JLT Sport website

The FNSW/JLT Sport Insurance website contains all information relating to insurance, personal injury information, claims and forms:

Football NSW Risk Protection Programme

Important documents that are available at https://www.jltsport.com.au/fnsw/important-documents include:

All claim forms must be signed off by Bannockburn Rovers Club Secretary or Bannockburn Rovers Club President. No other person is authorised to sign on behalf of the Club.

The claim form must also be signed off by NSFA representative.

Claim forms must be lodged within 90 days of injury. Do not wait until treatment is complete!