Canteen Co-ordinator

PictureThis barista is not available to be the Canteen Coordinator

The Club is looking to open and trial a limited canteen facility on Thursday afternoons from 4.30pm to approx. 5.45pm to cater to the families of the younger teams who generally wait during their children’s training session. We will be offering coffee, tea, hot chocolate, cold drinks, ice blocks and some snacks.
We are looking for a parent, or maybe a couple of parents, who can assist us with coordinating this function. The role would require the coordinator to ensure someone is there each week to run the canteen and maybe assist when needed in restocking items to sell.
It’s not an onerous role and would suit someone who has a child in the 4.30pm training session i.e. Under 6 or Under 7’s and would like to help our small soccer community.
If you would be able to assist in this role, please make contact with our Equipment Officer Marion Bell via the Contact page.