Changes to draw 25-26 May 2013

Whilst the day is looking great, many grounds are closed. According to the NSFA, some Small Sided Football grounds are closed. Games on those grounds are cancelled. All other games will proceed as advertised (unless the council has closed the ground!)
From what we can deduce, as at 8:45am, the following BCRFC games are cancelled/postponed:

  • U06 Anderson
  • U06 Ryan
  • G10 Girls
  • U10B
  • U11A
  • U16A postponed
  • MAA Div 5, Div 5R postponed
  • M35 Div 3, Div 3R postponed

The Kuringai website suggests all grounds are closed, and was last updated yesterday at 1:55pm. The ground report is for Kuringai Council is here.
Other councils are here.
Call your manager if in doubt – it would be a shame to have your game forfeited. Friars, as a random example, suggests “If no further rain play should be possible on weekend”