Got an injury? Get it checked out!

Did you know Club Sponsor Turramurra Sports & Spinal Physiotherapy opens their clinic on Wednesday evenings from 7pm to 8pm specifically for local soccer athletes injury assessment?
No? Well, now you do. Paul McLoughlin and his team conduct 20-minute consultations at a reduced rate to help you get back on the field.
They will inform you of the best protocol for your injury – e.g. whether you should or shouldn’t train and they will give you the best advice in order to get you back onto the field to play for that weekend.
You’ll be equipped with the must-know exercises to ensure your injury goes away, as quickly as it came along! This clinic is specifically for injuries that you have acquired during the games throughout the season and only requires minimal treatment.
The aim of the clinics is to give you the best advice and information about getting the best outcome for your injury and whether seeing a Physiotherapist/doctor is appropriate. It is also a good opportunity to come in and get an opinion on little niggling injuries that are keeping you from playing your best game of soccer.
Let Turramurra Sports & Spinal Physiotherapy help you be your best on the field!
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