MiniRoos Season Update July 2016

For Mixed MiniRoos and Girls Under 6 and Under 7 MiniRoos (Saturday)

  • Matches will continue up until the 13th of August.
  • There will another redraw on starting the week Monday 25th of July. This redraw will only go for 3 weeks
  • Gala Day is on the 20th of August

*Dates and events are subject to weather and washouts.
For Girls MiniRoos Under 8 to Under 12 (Sunday)

  • Matches will continue up until the 14th of August.
  • This would take us up to Round 16 for non-diamond League and Round 17 for Diamond League.
  • There will be no official redraw date, however we will monitor the results over the coming weeks.
  • Gala Day is on the 21st of August

*Dates and events are subject to weather and washouts.

All MiniRoos teams are presumed to be participating in Gala Day. Unless we hear from clubs stating otherwise, all teams will be entered into the draw.
The cut-off date to pull out of Gala Day is the 5th of August.
Please make sure all your MiniRoos teams are aware of Gala Day being the last day for the AIA Vitality MiniRoos Season. There will be further information provided on this soon.
How wet weather will affect the MiniRoos dates:
Washout before the next MiniRoos Redraw: All five rounds will be played, so the redraw will be delayed a week. This means only two rounds will be played after the redraw.
Washout after the next MiniRoos redraw and before Gala Day: Gala Gay cannot be rescheduled to accommodate more round game. We will play as many games as we can after the last redraw and before Gala Day.
Washout on Gala Day: Gala day will be cancelled. No rescheduling of this day will occur due to the ground availability after August 20th & 21st of August.