One of our number needs your help


Rhys Pagalday, who plays in the Bannockburn 18B’s team, needs the help of the Club community. Friends and family of Rhys are planning a trivia night to raise money to fund treatments and a modified family car. Read on and if you can help, contact Bernadette on 0417229841.

To whom it may concern,
We are a small group of parents with children in year 12 at Kuring-Gai Creative Arts High School. In April we were given the distressing news that one of our children’s peers was diagnosed with Ewing Sarcoma, an aggressive bone cancer mostly affecting boys between the ages of 16 – 23. This not only entails grueling high doses of chemotherapy, but also surgery to remove the 10 cm tumor from his iliac bone (part of the pelvis).
The cancer has eaten parts of his bones so at this stage not only will they be removing the tumor, the surgery will involve taking his whole pelvis apart in sections and reconstructing it. He will be unable to weight bear at all for 6-8 weeks, so will be bed ridden in hospital for that time not able to walk or sit up. After this there will another eight sessions of chemotherapy.
This long, aggressive and debilitating treatment has been a very harsh blow for a very talented soccer player. It will also require the replacement or modification of the family car to enable him to travel.
Words cannot express the emotional and physical toll this is having on the family; we unfortunately feel helpless on this front. We do however feel we can do something about the enormous financial toll this is having on the family.
We have planned a trivia night at Kuring-Gai Creative Arts High School on the 30th August to raise funds to not only ease their financial worries, but to also help in sorting out an appropriate vehicle. We are calling on the kind generosity of local businesses to help anyway they can with donations, vouchers, gifts etc that can be auctioned on the night.
For any donations please contact Bernadette on 0417229841 or [email protected]
Kind Regards
Friends of the “Rhys Pagalday Trivia Night”