Photo Day success

PictureUllA Clowns (Credit: A Hill)

The annual Photo Day has come and gone – thank you to all teams, coaches and managers for organising your team to be there on time.
The day would not have been possible without the efforts of the committee and volunteers, and two members in particular. Katie Hislop – who was on site from 6:45am to 5pm, and Marion Bell who was there almost as long. Thank you guys!
A big thanks to our sponsor QuickSelect for providing the entertainment, and the senior teams for some inspired match play.
The cast, in order of appearance, was:

  • Richard B
  • Mark B
  • Daniel B
  • Lee DLRB
  • Lucy V
  • Marion B
  • David L
  • Robyn F
  • Mark H
  • Michael B
  • Kirsty P
  • Terry G
  • Milly & Lauren
  • Greg B
  • Lisa B
  • Toula S
  • Craig W
  • Tracey M
  • Andrew H
  • Nigel T
  • Justin E
  • Geoff H
  • Elly DLRB
  • Ant B
  • Anthony S