Age Eligibility

Updated for Season 2017

What age group should I register with?

Born Date Age
Born after 01-Jan-11* => U6
Born after 01-Jan-10 => U7
Born after 01-Jan-09 => U8
Born after 01-Jan-08 => U9
Born after 01-Jan-07 => U10
Born after 01-Jan-06 => U11
Born after 01-Jan-05 => U12
Born after 01-Jan-04 => U13
Born after 01-Jan-03 => U14
Born after 01-Jan-02 => U15
Born after 01-Jan-01 => U16
Born after 01-Jan-00 => U17
Born after 01-Jan-99 => U18
Born after 01-Jan-96 => U21
Born on or before 31-Dec-82 => O35
Born on or before 31-Dec-77 => O40
Born on or before 31-Dec-72 => O45

*Can apply for dispensation under the Relative Age Effect (RAE) Rule.

  1. Players may only register in Mixed SSF if they are four (4) years of age or older as at midnight on the 31st December of the year prior.
  2. No player should play in an age group more than two (2) years higher than they are qualified for, unless they have been granted dispensation by the relevant committee.
  3. The Relative Age Effect (RAE) allows for players born in last thee (3) months (between the 1st of October and 31st of December), to offset any physical disadvantage to players born in the earlier months of a year by playing down an age group.

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