Wet Weather and Ground Closures

Each local council maintains a wet weather ground closures page. Here are the links you need.

Ku-ring-gai Council
Ku-ring-gai Council
Hornsby Council
Closures Tel: 02 9847 6764
Ryde Council
Closures, Tel: 02 9952 8244
Willoughby Council
Closures, Tel: 02 9777 7631
Lane Cove Council
Closures, Tel: 02 9911 3585
North Sydney Council

Hot Weather and Cancellations

This is usually up to the Club to decide, but generally speaking if the ambient temperature is 32° or higher, children’s games and training will be cancelled. For adults, the temperature needs to be 37° or more for cancellation to occur.

The Football NSW Hot Weather Policy is reproduced on our blog.