Presentation Day 2017 Gallery

Could the weather have been any kinder for Presentation Day 2017? What a great day to mark the end of Season 2017.

Thanks to all the parents and players for attending and making the day so enjoyable. And congratulations to the award winners from the U6s to the Over 45s. The inflatable obstacle course was a hit, as were all the yummy hamburgers and sausage sandwiches from the canteen helpers.

Club Awards

  • Manager of the Year: Justin Engelbrecht
  • Coach of the Year: Giacomo Rotolo-Ross & Jack Green
  • Club Person of the Year: Craig Watt
  • Team Spirit of the Year: U12 Heyman
  • Team Endeavour: U7 Juric
  • Best Team: U10 Simon


Competitive Age Groups Awards

And who were the award winners? Glad you asked! The trophy winners representing their respective teams were:

U12 Heyman

  • Golden Boot: Saskia W
  • Defender of the Year: Bella KF
  • Most Improved Player: Emilia DLRB

U12 Tsunamis

  • Attacking Player of the Year: Vasili S
  • Defender of the Year: Cameron H
  • Team Player of the Year: Oscar S

U12 Wildfire

  • Golden Boot: Cameron B
  • Defender of the Year: Cooper T
  • Most Improved Player: Tom S


  • Most Improved Player: Kieren C
  • Defensive Player of the Year: Benny K
  • Players Player of the Year: Mikey B


  • Defender of the year: Ivan S
  • Golden Boot: Jordan K
  • Players player of the Year: Koby K

O35 Firsts

  • Golden Shin Award: Billy Cheadle
  • New Player of the Year: Matthew Browne
  • Players Player of the Year: Rino Pacca

O45 Firsts

  • Golden Boot: Luke Buchanan
  • Mr 100%: Howard Grout
  • Players Player of the Year: Graeme Webber

O45 Reserves

  • Golden Boot: Michael Buining
  • Defender of the Year: David Keogh
  • Reserves Player of the Year: Paul Humphries

Men’s All Age Firsts

  • Golden Boot: Jamie Wood
  • Most Dedicated Player: Sam Bowey
  • Players Player of the Year: William Cole

Men’s All Age Reserves

  • Golden Boot: David Yu
  • Most Improved Player: Cameron Amon
  • Players Player of the Year: Tom Wilson