Proposed merger letter

Club mergerDear Bannockburn Club members,

These are exciting times for our Club as well as the game of soccer throughout Australia.

An opportunity to further enhance our Club has been proposed ……….. the proposal being to merge with one of our neighbouring clubs, Wahroonga Tigers Football Club.

The reasons why the merger is being proposed are listed below:

  • We care about our Club’s culture and are committed to working hard to maintain this with a tireless group of supportive volunteers and committee.
  • The proposed merger will provide more opportunity for female teams at our Club and will take advantage of the growth of female football. The merger aims to be a standout club for girl’s and women’s football in the local area.
  • The proposed merger will provide better coaching and an improved standard of football for our children.
  • The proposed merger will ensure the Club will provide football for all age groups and will be better placed to serve our high school age teams.
  • The proposed merger will provide access to greater resources, equipment and some of the best training and playing facilities in the local area.
  • The proposed merger will see us well placed for the future of football in our local area and supported by a progressive local football association.

The Bannockburn Rovers Committee is in support of the proposed merger. However, it will only proceed with the permission of our members. You will all be invited to a “Special General Meeting” at a date to be confirmed to cast your vote.

Yours in football,

The Rovers Committee